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Fair Housing Top Violations



The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) enforces laws that protect you from illegal discrimination and harassment in housing based on your actual or perceived:

Top Violations:

  • Children – Stating No Kids Allowed, Restricting Kids Play Area, and Steering Families w/Kids to the 1st Floor Only vs 2nd Floor Units
  • Service Pets- No Pet Policy Applicants with Disability w/Service Pets – You Can Request a Doctor Note For The Pet But Not The Type of Disability

  • Race Discrimination – All Applicants Should Receive The Same Treatment & Be Given The Same Information

  • Source of Income – If Non Employed Acceptable Income would be Social Security, Disability, Child Support and Alimony

  • Non-Smoking Issue – Medical  Marijuana– Can Request Proof of Medical Card But Not Disability Type

  • 2+1 Occupancy Guidelines – 2 People Per Room + 1

  • Sex Offenders – Can’t Be Denied Housing – Unless it’s 2,000 ft from Parks & Schools

File a Complaint
If you have a visual impairment, please call us at (800) 884-1684 (800) 884-1684 FREE You can also file a complaint by contacting us or by mail.

Complaints Can Be Filed Up to 1 Year from The Date the Alleged Act Occurred

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