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How to Stand Out Amoung Other Renters

The rental market is very tight.  I have some tips to share for anyone interested in renting a home with less than perfect credit.  

1. Be Pro-Active and Find a Place Now:  If you are thinking about doing a short sale and your ready to stop making payments to the bank, find a place now.  It will take 30-60 days before your missed payments shows on your credit report.  So don't delay to find a rental now.

2. Bring a Copy of Your Credit Report, Pay Stubs, Rental Application, and Drivers License: This shows your

3. Find a Guarantor: The guarantor should be available to sign the lease, and they should understand the financial obligations.

4. Pay 6 Months in Advance: Landlords will be opent to take a chance with the advance payment upfront.

5. Write a Letter Explaining your Situation: Be honest in your letter - Explain your circustances.

6. Be Punctual: When I think tardiness, I think LATE rent.

7. Dont' be afraid to follow up on your application with the owner: Expressing your enthusiasam about a house in this rental market always help.  I like to choose tenants who Love the property. Passion is contagious.

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